Seamless solutions your customers will love.

Partner with Kandu to offer your customers the in-home assembly and installation services they want, and allow them to shop your brand with confidence.

Increase Sales

Customers are more likely to purchase an item that requires assembly when they're offered an easy solution at the point of purchase.

Decrease Returns

A professionally assembled item is less likely to be returned, and the customer is less likely to contact customer support with questions or issues.

Improve Satisfaction

Taking away the frustration of assembling time-consuming or complicated products increases the customer's overall satisfaction with their purchase and your brand.

Different by design.

True Professionals

Unlike some other "handy" or "task" websites, Kandu is not a gig platform. Our network of local service providers is comprised of professional and experienced businesses, not individuals.

Flexible Solutions

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we can create solutions that are fully customized to your unique needs. Whether you represent a major online retailer, or a local brick and mortar location, we're here to help.

Simple Upfront Pricing

We're not a lead aggregator that forces customers into a back-and-forth with a long list of potential service providers just to get a quote. We provide a haggle-free upfront price and an easy booking process.

Easy Appointment Tracking

Customers are kept in the loop with every step of their order fulfillment, all without the requirement to download an app that they don't even want. Through SMS and an intuitive online portal, customers are always informed.

Our awesome features

Coverage matters.

Don't be let down by coverage gaps. Our network of local service providers covers more than 95% of the US population.

Best-in-class management platform.

You and your team members are able to manage everything from an intuitive client portal.

We've built the Kandu platform with industry-leading features, benefits, and flexibility so you can focus on your core business.

  Order Tracking

View and manage customer orders with ease and complete transparency. Create updates, add notes, or escalate an order easily.

Our awesome features
  Order Creation

While we focus on automatic order creation processes, sometimes you might need to manually create an order. This can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Our awesome features
  Integration and API Library

You're provided with access to various methods of integrating Kandu's assembly services with your e-commerce platform, resulting in a seamless customer experience.

Our awesome features
  Proactive Communications

In the rare event that a customer's order needs the attention of your team, you're the first to know. The customer, service provider, and retailer are always kept in the know with appropriate and prompt communications.

Our awesome features

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